Bring In More Light With Bay Windows

Bay Window adds light and value to your homeOf all the elements that make up your home, the windows are the ones that affect your life the most.  This is because natural light and a connection to the natural world have a huge affect on our mental health.  The windows in your home frame your view and bring nature inside.


Because light is so important to our indoor living space, many families choose to have bay windows put into their homes.  Instead of capturing light from one flat pane, a bay window will allow you to capture views and light from three angles.  Bay windows also provide extra space that is ideal for window seats – great for reading and relaxing while enjoying everything nature has to offer.  Bay windows are a great choice for family rooms and master bedrooms.


The most popular bay window is angled 30 or 45 degrees and protrudes from the house.  All major window manufacturers make 30 and 45-degree bay windows.  Some also offer 60-degree bays and most also offer the 90-degree option.  Pricing on bay windows will vary, but a custom-made bay window will cost about 15 to 20 percent more.  You’ll want to consult your window professional in order to choose the right window for your space.  Questions that you will review with your bay window dealer include size, sash, how it will be supported, and whether there is an eave or not.  You’ll also want to discuss the best material whether it’s vinyl, wood or aluminum.  And don’t forget to discuss energy efficiency.


Bay windows are a great addition to most homes letting in more light and giving your living space a feeling that is open and spacious.  They are aesthetically very pleasing and add value to your home.  Give us a call if you’re considering bay windows for your home and we will help you through the process of finding the perfect window for your space.

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