Build Your Own Cornice Box

First of all, Happy Halloween!! Now back to our How To:

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to give any room in your home an elegant upgrade, this is a great way to go! Window cornice boxes not only add a distinct style to a room, it elongates the walls and makes a space look much taller. All you need is a short list of materials and you’ll have a beautiful handcrafted fixture to add to your home!

Materials and Tools:

  • air compressor and hoses
  • circular saw
  • finish nailer
  • jig saw
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • screw gun
  • table saw
  • 2 sheets 1/2-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • 4 pieces of 1x3x8 clear pine for ledger
  • molding



  1. Draw a box the length and height of your cornice on a piece of the MDF. If you want a decorative edge on your cornice (such as a scalloped border), draw the design you want within these lines. For a symmetrical pattern, draw a section of your design on cardboard and cut it out to make a template. Trace the pattern multiple times onto the MDF.
  2. The length of the returns (sides) on the cornice boards depends on the width of the drapes. Wider drapes need more room. Keep in mind the thickness of the drapes when they are open, since the bunched drapes may take up more room. Make the sides a bit larger than the thickness of the drapes.
  3. Use a circular saw or table saw to cut out the box. Use a jigsaw to cut the design. Fasten the box together with a finish nailer.
  4. Trim the cornice box with molding.
  5. Screw a 1×3 ledger to the wall to attach the cornice. If it is a load-bearing wall, you should be able to screw the ledger into a header. If not, find the studs and attach to the studs.
  6. Hang the cornice by screwing it to the studs.
  7. Prime and paint the cornice as desired.


If you are interested in learning more about cornice boxes and other window treatments, head over to and get inspired!


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