Can You Paint Vinyl Windows in Tacoma, WA?

If you are working on home improvement projects, then you might consider the option to repaint the window frames. But, before you pick up the paint brush, it is important that you talk to a window expert in Tacoma, WA. We can inspect your windows and make recommendations about the best care and maintenance for your home.

Vinyl Windows Offer Long-Lasting Benefits

One of the reasons that homeowners choose vinyl is because of the durability that is available from these materials. Installing vinyl windows means that you can enjoy the color and vibrancy of quality window frames for many years. These products are cost-effective, and they require minimal maintenance. So, it is important that you choose a color of vinyl that won’t go out of style.

Even if you wanted to change the color of the vinyl, there is no way to do that without replacing the windows. The surface isn’t made to hold a coat of paint. So, the new layer of paint might look good for a while, and then eventually it will start to peel and crack.

Never Apply Paint Directly to Vinyl

Talk to a window expert, and they will tell you that vinyl windows shouldn’t be painted. But, some painting contractors that will suggest that it is just fine to paint vinyl. Instead of applying the paint directly to the vinyl, the painting crew might clean the window frames and then apply primer to prepare the surface.

Choosing to paint the vinyl could lead to many problems in the future. Not only will the paint flake and peel, but you could also be voiding your window warranty by applying a coat of paint. The paint could damage your window frames and cause problems. Eventually, you might need to replace the windows because they were damaged by the paint. Applying primer to the vinyl could negatively impact the structural integrity of the windows because of the chemicals that damage the vinyl.

Another problem that happens from painting vinyl window frames is the change in heat when a different color is applied to the surface of the frames. Dark colors, such as brown or black, attract and retain heat more than light colors. Increasing the heat levels of the frames could lead to warping or broken glass.

Choose Neutral Window Colors

As you can see, many issues can arise if you choose to paint the vinyl windows in your home. We recommend that you should never paint your vinyl windows. Instead, it is best to think about the future so that you can choose products that don’t need to be repainted.

When you are choosing vinyl windows Tacoma, WA for your home, the best thing that you can do is choose neutral colors that will look good for many years. These neutral color schemes will allow you to change the décor of your home in the future without worrying about the clashing color of the windows. Neutral colors blend well with most color schemes, helping you create the home of your dreams.

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