Choosing the Right Front Door for Your Home

A Good First Impression…

It is so important to make a good first impression! With all the different options available in terms of front entry design, we want you to learn what is best for your home.

What Types of Materials are Available?


If you want an ornately designed front entry, wood can be a solid choice. They are often used in specialized designs because they can be easy to manipulate. There are many types to choose from oak to cherry and you can have solid wood or the addition of decorative glass, lights, or transoms. Wood doors provide a great character, warmth and beauty.  Over time however, the wood can distort which may cause a break in the air-sealing capabilities.


This material has become very popular in today’s market. The option for many different window designs and colors for this door makes it a popular choice. The options for stains include a variety of colors that mimic the look of real wood. It also has an insulated core which protects it from the elements. This also makes it light weight and high in energy efficiency.  Fiberglass may cost more than wood, but the long-term saving actually will help. Because fiberglass won’t warm in weather and time, it will last for a while.


Another option is metal which has insulated foam within the panels and steel on the sides. This option is the safest but it can be very difficult to repair. If any damage occurs to this type of door then you will need the whole door replaced.


How are Doors Sealed?

There are two main options for sealing front doors:

1. Compression Sealed Doors

These use a flexible PVC gasket which will form a tight seal.

2. Magnetically Sealed Doors

The metal or steel will form a seal similar to a refrigerator door. They are more expensive but are thought to be higher in energy efficiency in the long run.


Reference: DIYNetwork

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