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I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our new sliding glass door and the installation was amazing and we could not be more thrilled with the outcome. The door is so beautiful and we are so happy with our decision to use your company. Our expectations were exceeded and we know where to go when we look to future window replacement for our home. Thank you so very much!

~Jill H

Rick I'll take some time to fill out the survey over the next week. Just want to say how perfect everything went. Your company executed everything you said they would in a professional manner, on time, in time and at a very reasonable price. The two gentlemen that installed the window were great guys that were respectful and knowledgeable. We love the sliding door and especially the window! You should come by and see it and take a picture. Thanks for the standout service. Michelle and I wish you guys did bathroom re-models.

~Mark B

Our realtor, Spencer Gray, referred us to Puget Sound Windows and we are very grateful. Todd visited us more than once to look at the project and discuss several options for reconfiguring the windows to allow for legal egress and still keep the look appropriate for our small 1950s brick house. He was extremely knowledgeable and very patient as we took our time pondering this important investment! The installers, Manuel and Oswalda should give tutorials to others about how to work cleanly and efficiently! They were so professional, courteous and very hard-working. We could have paid less elsewhere but we got exactly the quality that we paid for and would highly recommend others make the same investment. Thank you for our Milgard Windows! We know we will be enjoying these windows for many years to come!

~Rebecca J

Good morning, Todd: Our windows were installed yesterday and we are so pleased! As you know, Manuel and Oswaldo are awesome and inspiring. I wish everyone worked as efficiently and cleanly as this duo. They treated us with such courtesy and our property with the utmost respect.

Thank YOU for the time and repeat visits you made to assist us in getting the right configuration and "look" for our little brick house. Our neighbors are as impressed as we are with the final look and could not believe that all of the work was done in one day!

Please remind me what we still owe and I will put a check in today's mail.

Sincerely grateful,
Rebecca (& Tim) J

p.s. I teased the guys they "need to drink more on the job" :-) We had coffee, water, fruit for them and encouraged them to take a break but they just WORK WORK WORK. They are quite the team!

~Rebecca (& Tim) J

Overall, we are very happy with our new doors. We did have a bit of a problem. When Ozzie came to install the doors, he discovered the door jams with the doors were incorrect. He took them back and they had to be reordered. We were told that they would be installed in January. When I told Holly that we were not very happy about having to wait that long after ordering in October, she put a rush on it, and they were installed last week! We were glad she could resolve the problem, and we are loving the compliments we have received.

Happy New Year!


Your crew just left. I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know we (specially my wife who spent the whole day here with them) are very happy.

They were super professional, very attentive and very patient with all the questions my wife had and explaining things when they found dry rot, prior misinstallations, etc. We kept then hydrated as much as we could all day as it was very very hot outside in the direct sun.

I got home a little before they left and chatted in Spanish with them. Very nice guys, cleaned up and the windows look fantastic and so does the framing, flashing, corking, etc. I am sure you are not surprised and I did not expect any less from your company. Top notch!

We are 100% sure that our house is safe from water coming through the windows your crew just installed but this exercise has allowed us to determine other areas to address to prevent any future water damage. That was our goal and we are very pleased although time (and rain) will tell..........

I wanted to come by in person next week to your office but I am traveling to NYC, I will be back Friday.

Not sure how the final payment works, whether you will e-mail it, or I can simply swing by your office with a check.

Hope you enjoy the weekend.


Hi Rick,

We are REALLY enjoying our new windows. While we have had 51 mph winds and horizontal rain, plus sleet, the windows remain undaunted.

My guess is that there are very few weather conditions that test windows like those we experience in Westport.

We are very grateful for the protection they provide, which in large part is the quality installation job that your team did.

Wishing you, Owen, Nate, Jeanine, and your team a very Merry Christmas and a magical New Year.

~Barb & Denny

Just have to tell you - my new windows look sooooooo good and also make quite a difference in warmth. (Last week, ice on the inside of the old and no ice in the new ones.) All the windows look awesome. Just had to tell you how much I like the new windows. Thanks!

~Lynne C

Windows are gorgeous! Thanks for a great experience - everyone was awesome! This was an experience totally unlike a typical 'remodel'. Everyone was great to work with, very professional, and instilled a sense of trust. Guy and team were awesome - courteous, on time, and cleaned up after themselves. We will definitely recommend Puget Sound Window to our friends and anyone that asks. Thanks!

~Sharryl M.


Thanks to you two and the rest of the guys we are having a much better winter and will have a wonderful day today. So we give thanks to all of you! There have been two power outages since the windows and doors went in. We had no worries of keeping warm with the gas fireplace able to keep the whole house comfortable. Our coldest rooms have turned into our most comfortable rooms. Everyone is anxious to get over today to see the bay window. We did get a coat of stain on it so it looks even better."

Thanks again!

~Marilyn S.

Hello Kraig, I received your Starbucks gift card today and want to say thanks. More importantly though is it contained your business card and e-mail address. I want to take this opportunity to tell you that every encounter with your company and staff has been exemplary. From my early e-mails with Rick Sokso, my encounters and discussions with Mike Matz and the installation by Guy and Aaron (and whoever else was on the crew) the experience was great. The purchase was easy and followed the timeline as promised.

The installation was absolutely pain free. I expected a two day install, but it was finished in one. I left home in the morning with old windows and when I came home it was completely finished with no trace that your crew had been in my house all day doing what I would consider a major renovation. I am truly impressed. I really must compliment you on hiring and retaining outstanding people. As a manager I know how difficult that can be. Please thank everyone involved in this project for making this a great experience.

~Mike M.

The installation crew was great. We had no concerns having them in and around our house. Even the animals liked them. This project has been great from start to finish. I will recommend you to anyone who will listen.

~Craig P.

Jay and I want to thank you for the great service from you, your coworkers, and company. We were very pleased with the entire process. I was hoping you could make a referral for Milgard windows for our Arizona house in Sun Lakes (near Chandler). We want new windows installed, along with ideas/suggestions for the three sliders. I'm sure they are going on 20 years and are aluminum frames. Thanks again for supplying and installing our new windows.

~Marcia K.

We recently refitted our windows from single pane windows to double pane. I know we were fortunate to have Puget Sound Window and Door do the job. They were meticulous with the 30 year old frames they had to work with - it was not an easy job. The crew was courteous and cleaned up after the the difficult installation. We absolutely already can tell the difference in our home. Thanks to Puget Sound Window and Door, we are actually looking forward to winter now with our new windows. We have no problems referring them to anyone who is looking for a company with competitive bids and awesome service. Thank you again!!!

~Annie B.

I never had to replace windows before so I had a lot of research to do before making a decision on which company to use. It was very confusing until I met Leslie from Puget Sound Window and Door. She explained the process, what to expect from beginning to end, the product, made recommendations that made sense for our situation vs. just trying to make the most money possible, and it all matched up with our experience once we started. For me, I needed to be able to trust someone would be watching over the project and making sure it went smoothly and as it was described to me. Leslie did all that and more (even made cookies for us and the crew...nice touch!). Leslie was the reason we went with Puget Sound Window and Door. They were competitive in price and said they would match any other quote, which also made me feel comfortable in choosing them. We had one window w/ significant water damage. We were not looking forward to knowing how bad it was and how much extra that might cost. Turned out, they did the work and only charged us an extra $85 and that was communicated up front to make sure we were ok w/ that extra cost. We were thrilled that it was only $85. I truly believe other companies would have charged us closer to $300 for the work but Guy (the construction leader) was professional...a craftsman...and all around good guy (no pun intended). Guy and his crew were polite, courteous, great quality work, no surprises, and finished on time (with all items wrapped up perfectly). I've already given their names to a GC I met recently who was excited to have a referral of a window installation company (Puget Sound Window and Door), sales person (Leslie) , and construction leader (Guy)/crew that were highly recommended by a totally unbiased 3rd party and will most likely use them in the future himself.

So if you're like us...never done this before...save some time...call Leslie at Puget Sound Window and Door and you'll see exactly what I mean. Thank you for making the process so easy for us newbies. You've raised the bar for everyone else out there.

~Julie L.

I wanted to compliment your company on a true asset that you have in Josh. He is extremely helpful, professional, and goes over, above, and beyond normal expectations. In a world where great customer service is getting harder to find, I appreciate companies that have amazing service and genuine friendliness. (I also share with the entire world, social networks, Google, a column I write, and other media markets about excellent and poor service) His efficiency and labor around the house is truly appreciative.

I cannot wait until it's summer to enjoy my 'new' windows. Again, my apologies on the delay in getting this to you-but if you ever had a leadership position for such a person, I'd highly recommend him to lead and teach others how it's really done! Thank you!


Want to give a shout out to PUGET SOUND WINDOW AND DOOR for the awesome job they did with putting up trim in 2 of my bedrooms. Looks so professional!!!! Came home to no mess, would never know they were in here. They have also replaced my windows... I would recommend them to anyone!!! Thanks Kraig, you guys ROCK!!!

~Karie L.

Great job, guys. Leslie is probably the nicest and most professional PM I think I have met. And Josh was a great and friendly install guy - made it quick and easy. I highly recommend this team for fixing your windows!

~Paul G.

We had a great experience with Puget Sound Window and Door. The estimator came out to our home and spent ample time working on our quote, showing us options and styles as well as making us feel comfortable and at ease. Within one business day, we received a price quote for the windows. We then had another company come out and quote us for the same exact windows, and they quoted us about $700.00 higher than Puget Sound Window and Door. We called back and made our purchase! We quickly received our windows and were contacted twice in the interim to be updated on their estimated delivery time. The delivery drivers were very nice and friendly too. We have recommended Puget Sound Window and Door to friends and family, and plan on using them again. We also liked the fact that they are local and offered us a great warranty on the product too.

~Steve L.

Leslie and Puget Sound Window and Door under promised and over delievered. The communication and the ability to walk us through our purchasing decision was handled very professionally by Leslie from the start. Our home now has beautiful Milgard windows!

~Kurt C.

Our windows are beautiful! The entire experience working with Puget Sound Window and Door was the best. Leslie was awesome! She is so friendly, kind and thoughtful as well as extremely knowledgable. She also makes great cookies! Everyone we worked with was great. They were professional and efficient. We have remodeled two bathrooms and our kitchen in the last four years, and this was one of the very best experiences we have had working with any company. Thanks!

~Loreen P.

Thanks for the new windows! They look and feel great. Also, the crew was very helpful during the installation process to make sure everything was installed just right. Thanks again!

~Van G.

This "IS" how a business should run!

1) Excellent sales agent with an excellent knowledge of the products and a pleasant non-pressure approach. Thank you Leslie!
2) Constant communications and quick responses to any inquires either by phone or email.
3) Convenient scheduling, on-time arrival on the day of installation, and went out of their way to lay down protection clothes and plastic on carpets and floors. Removed all debris and old fixtures and left the place cleaner than when they arrived!
4) Finally, a great product and beautiful windows and doors.

As my father used to say, 'If you can't do it right, don't do it!' Thanks again Puget Sound Window and Door, and oh yeah, make sure you try Leslie's cookies she will deliver on the day of installation! MMMMMM!

~Art F– Issaquah, WA

Thank you so much for guiding me through this process. I absolutely love my windows, they are so beautiful. Thank you for the flowers and Marlee's cigar. Jarrod was highly impressed with you and your company. I had been telling him to wait until he meets you, and he immediately texted me after you stopped by today and mentioned how awesome you were. You made this experience painless. Jarrod had asked your workers to stay until I returned from work around 4 so I could look at the windows first, and they were awesome and stayed and sat in the truck until I returned. I appreciated that. Ozzy was awesome, and he explained things thoroughly. They came in and got to work right away and didn't lallygag. Overall your team did an excellent job! Thanks!

~Katie K.

These guys are awesome! Their guarantee over exceeded my expectations. Beat every other estimate I received. Rick and Kraig are the window ‘Kings,’ in my opinion at least!!!!!!!

~Eddy D.

Puget Sound Window and Door is great! These guys gave us an estimate for wood windows that was thousands of dollars less than the leading competitor. Thanks guys for saving us so much money! And the windows look great!

~Heather B.

We are both extremely happy with the windows and your company's service. We can instantly feel a difference in the living room as far as a warmth to the room, and the sound is noticeably quiet. I just love the way they look. Thank you again for all your help and friendly service

~Brian H.– Edgewood. WA

Puget Sound Window & Door is a fantastic company and their project managers, Leslie and Mike, were great to work with. They gave us a very good deal on glass replacement on our front windows, a brand new sliding door and two new double hung windows in our bathrooms! The crew that came out to install were very clean, professional and did a wonderful job. I would definitely go back to this company for any future work, no question about it! Leslie makes a pretty good chocolate chip cookie and even brought over some homemade cheesecake squares once she found out that it was my husband's favorite! I would "highly" recommend them to anyone looking for windows and doors! Great experience!

~Angie W.

Rare is the word that comes to mind. Very rare that you find a company and service that is great from start to finish. Leslie was great with her service, cookies and flowers! She did everything right. Ozzie and Manuel, the installers, made the job a total pleasure! They worked hard, they cleaned up, they were on time, they were polite, but most of all they CARED! My experience with Puget Sound Window & Door was nothing but the best. Zero complaints here. As I stated at the beginning, that is rare any more. Thank you to the whole gang!

~Liz & Dave V.

My experience with Puget Sound Window and Door was made an extremely pleasant one by the outstanding customer service offered to me by Leslie. She went above and beyond to make my purchase easy, precise, and affordable. She made every effort to accommodate my needs, while providing an extremely affordable product. I enjoyed my experience, and look forward to receiving our new French doors. I priced many vendors, and found that PSWD offered me the best value, and most importantly, an opportunity to purchase locally. Thank you to Leslie for her superior customer service.

~Jennifer W.

This company's commitment to customer service rivals Nordstrom... beginning with their sales representative, Leslie, who gives peace of mind throughout the entire process with her knowledge of the products, response to any and all questions or concerns, and her pleasant and kind personality. The installation by Ozzie and Manuel couldn't have been better. They are very experienced, efficient and friendly. I will sing the praises of Puget Sound Window and Door to anyone who asks!!

~Marilyn B.

I just finished replacing all the windows in our home. It was quite a large job and I have to say the customer service I received from Leslie Marquis was outstanding. She is extremely knowledgeable of your product, provided excellent technical information, the window dimensions she provided were spot on (even the triangle :o) but more than anything she is just an outstanding individual. She is a star employee for Puget Sound Window and Door! I have been a manager for over 22 years and can tell you from experience these types of employees are invaluable and few and far between! She was always on-time, always answered any question I had immediately, and if I left a voicemail for her, she got back to me in minutes. I cannot say enough good things about her as she is truly one of a kind, and you should feel very fortunate to have such an employee! Thank you for great products and service. I will recommend your company, especially Leslie, to anyone looking for your products and service

~Mike M

They just finished installing our new windows and they look awesome. The installers were very meticulous and their attention to craftsmanship was excellent. It was also nice to have a point person in Leslie to work issues/questions through. She did a good job communicating everything as we went through the process. I would definitely recommend PSW & D to others.

~Jeff & Dena

Puget Sound Window & Door did an excellent job of installing our new windows. Their installers were prompt, courteous and very conscientious about the care of our home. Even though there were a couple of bumps in the road, which is normal in a project of this size, they were efficient and fair in the way they handled the problems. Thanks for the service. We love the new windows.

~David D.

Mike Matz and Folks at Puget Sound Window and Decor! I just finished reading an article in the TNT about Paint Tacoma Beautiful and their efforts to help those who are unable to paint their homes either because of physical or financial difficulties. I was so heartened to read something positive for a change! As I read on I learned that your company also stepped in and installed new windows for an elderly veteran. This is the kind of unselfish act that needs to be recognized and appreciated. Rest assured that I will definitely mention the name of your company should I encounter anyone in need of your products.

Thanks again for all you do for our community.

~Pam B.

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