DIY Outdoor Lighting

Okay, so we’re a bit addicted to Pinterest! Hopefully you’re following us and gathering tons of great information, design ideas and How To’s! Something we’ve come across and love is DIY outdoor lighting-it’s creative, beautiful and cheap! Here’s a few ideas we are going to do ASAP!

Easy Garden Lighting

This is probably the easiest DIY task ever and with great results! To get this awesome garden lighting, all you need is a glass shade and pack it full of white twinkle lights, and viola! Can’t get easier than that, and all for less than five! Click Here for Instruction

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

This is a beautiful and cheap addition you can add to any outdoor gathering space! With only ten supplies needed, you can create this awesome torch for your backyard. Go to the link below and follow the steps to create yours today! Click Here for Instructions

DIY Patio Lights

Been tempted to purchase festive patio lighting for a pricey penny? Well be tempted no more! With a single strand of twinkle lights and simple grapevine balls that you can purchase by the bag at the Dollar Store-you can create the exact same look! Not a single tool is needed to accomplish this craft! Click Here for Instructions

Painted Can Lights

This is a great project kids can get involved in! Simply remove the label from old soup or coffee cans and let them paint it whatever color they’d like. Then (parents of course) punch any design into the can using a drill bit. Simply place a candle inside and you have some very fun outdoor lighting and art! Click Here for Instructions

DIY Pendant Shades

If you’re looking to do something a bit more sophisticated, this may be the project for you. This look was achieved by hanging battery powered pendant lights securely from pergola rafters. The base of candle holders were removed then properly placed around the lights. Beautiful and easy! Click Here for Instructions

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