Dressing Up Your Windows

beautiful window with a view and window dressingEven if your view is of a brick wall it can become more appealing just by the window frame, the glass, and even the drapes that you pull over to block said wall. But if you happen to have a grand view, wouldn’t it be even grander to outline that view with a frame that allows it to be seen as if it were an actual picture?  (See also frameyourview.com).


Why not allow your friends and family to come into your home and compliment how much nicer everything looks? Allow yourself a relaxing time in your living room while knowing and seeing that everything around you has come together making your place look bright and enticing, warm and inviting.   A new window can evolve an entire setting into one of relaxation and bring energy to a room that wasn’t there before.


Everyone loves a well-deserved compliment, and a new window that frames your view delivers the “wow” that impresses.


Take it one step further and choose a window dressing to go with your new window.  We checked out TLC.com to learn a little more about window dressings.


    • Drapes – Drapes are normally heavier than curtains and can also offer a more dramatic flare in colors and textures for each season.
    • Curtains – Curtains can be light and more casual, adding more of a lax feeling to a room.
    • Shades and Blinds – Better at blocking light, shades are more popular now than blinds since they offer a cleaner and easier look to your window.
    • Expand Your Thoughts –You can get creative by using decorative knobs from doors or even drawers, specifically matching the theme to a room or the colors of your walls.
    • Don’t Forget About The View From The Outside – While the inside has been focused on, you don’t want to forget about a neighbors view from the outside. Try painting the trim of your windows, or even hanging things like wind chimes.


So what are you waiting for?  Choose the design that fits your style best.  Now you can enjoy your bright, enticing, warm, and inviting home.

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