Factors When Considering Skylights

velux skylights allowing a lot of sun into the homeThe reason windows are such an important part of the home is because light is very important in our lives.  Light also plays a critical role in a rooms design.  When considering skylights you’ll want to know the pros and cons.  The pros are easy; they bring blue (okay, oftentimes gray) sky into your house during the day and the stars and moon at night.  The extra natural light brightens and warms the home and you won’t need as much artificial lighting. They warm up a room when it’s cold out and also add extra ventilation when desired.


One of the biggest cons people probably think about here in the greater Seattle area is the fact that skylights have been known to leak and we have a lot of rain.  And just as they can add warmth to a room in the winter they also add warmth to a room in the summer when extra warmth is not always welcome.  The amount of heat that your home receives from skylights will also impact your utility bill.


Fortunately, windows and skylights are made very well today so leakage is not a big concern and as long as you consider heat loss, heat gain, and ventilation, you’ll be able to make a good decision about skylights throughout the house.  For example, the positioning of the skylight will determine how much heat and light the room will receive.  A west-facing skylight will give your room a lot of sunlight in the afternoon but this also means potentially unwanted heat.  Talk with your window dealer about positioning and also slope in order to get the best placement for your skylights.


There are many options for covering skylights as well such as blinds, shades, awnings, and glazing.  Again, you’ll want to talk to your window provider in order to choose the right option.  Give us a call or fill out the contact form below with your skylight questions.

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