Fall Energy Saving Tips for Windows

A changing of the season brings beautiful color change in the leaves, football, and the start of the holiday season. It also brings shorter days, cooler temperatures, and bigger utility bills. Making your home as energy efficient as possible is one of the best ways you can save on your bill, and energy efficient windows can make a big difference in your home.

 Here are some suggestions for your windows that will help with the cold and the costs of Fall weather:


Seal air leaks on your windows

Reducing air leaks in your home can save 10% on your energy bill. Seal seams, cracks, and other openings with caulk, weatherstrip or other sealants.


Take advantage of the sun!

As a general rule, we always suggests taking advantage of a sunny day, but  don’t forget your house happens to can catch rays too. Open your curtains to capture the heat, just make sure to close them again at night. Actually, this reminds us…


Wash your windows

This goes along with the latter suggestion. clean windows allow the a maximum amount of sunlight to get.


Update your home with energy efficient windows

This may seem like the most obvious, but it is also one of the most effective ways to save on your heating bill, not to mention adding value to your house. Don’t think you can afford brand new windows? Well, you aren’t the only one who wants to save money by saving energy. Chances are your utility company offers grants, rebates, or financing options for energy efficient windows. Tacoma Power and Puget Sound Energy do.

Save even more offers with the specials Puget Sound Window & Door are offering, and be sure to call or contact us for a free estimate today!


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