How to Build Your Own Door Mat

Living in the Pacific Northwest a lot of dust and dirt particles get dragged into our homes, a good quality door mat can preserve the cleanliness of your home. Your door and mat are the first impression to someone entering your home, so what better way to have a mat that reflects your family than to make one! Making a mat is a fun activity for the whole family and less expensive than purchasing one from the store. We have found some easy to make and budget friendly mats for each style preference, take a look!

Pebble Door Mat

Create a pebble door mat: gather or purchase pebbles from your local craft store and apply them to a rubber mat using contact adhesive. Start from the inside and work out, then let sit for 24 hours before applying pressure to the mat. Click Here for Full Instructions

Wood Plank Door Mat

Gather old wood planks or purchase from your local lumber store, then arrange to the desired length and sand if needed. Cut 3 holes across the length of each plank then string rope through all boards and secure. Click Here for Full Instructions

Braided Door Mat

This mat is from the Martha Stewart Blog, in order to begin go to your local craft store and measure approximately 165 feet of rope. Next visit this site for a detailed description and pattern for the rug. Click Here for Full Instructions


We hope that you have enjoyed the selections and that your D-I-Y project works well. For all other window and door needs don’t hesitate to call Puget Sound Window & Door at 253-987-7716. Visit us on Pinterest as well for more great design ideas!

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