How to Clean Window Screens

Yes it may be only February and we really won’t be ready to open our windows and use our screens for a few more months but hey there’s nothing wrong with being proactive! To clean window screens follow these easy instructions:


How to Clean Window Screens


Step 1: Remove screen from your window and take outside for cleaning

Step 2: Lay screen on a flat surface. We advise putting a tarp under the screen if you will be washing it over grass or any other natural surface that will absorb the cleaning liquid.

Step 3: Prepare your cleaning solution. We recommend using 1 cup household ammonia, 3 cups water and a squirt of dish soap. (Notice this cleaning solution is very similar to The Best Window Cleaner featured in a previous blog post). Fill a spray bottle with the solution.

Step 4: Spray the screen with a hose to wet thoroughly.

Step 5: Spray the screen with the cleaning solution prepared in step 4. Allow the mixture to set for at least 10 minutes. This will ensure that all dirt, dust, and grime is lifted off of the window screen.

Step 6: Lightly brush with a soft bristled scrub brush, making sure to remove all dirt buildup from the corners. Continue until all soiled areas are clean being careful to rinse the brush often.

Step 7: Hose down the clean window screen to remove dirt and soap residue. Be sure that the water drains away from the screen and that the screen does not sit in a soapy puddle.

Step 8: Lift screen and allow to air dry in an upright position.

Step 9: Replace screen to original window!


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