How To Tell If Your Windows Need Replacing

When it comes to windows, some people may not even think replacement until they’re broken. It’s easy to detect the physical features of a broken window, but if a window is not properly insulating your home its as good as broken. Here are signs that your windows are in need of replacing.


Signs of Poor Insulation

  • If the inside your window develops ice, frost, or gets fogged with condensation, poor ventilation or insufficient insulation could be the cause.
  • Cold drafts are an obvious sign of poor insulation. If you can feel a noticeable draft when sitting next to a window in your home, you are definitely paying for it on your energy bill.
    Try the Candle Test:  hold a lit candle near the edge of a window and it you begin to notice it flicker you may need to replace.
  • Deteriorating caulking or sealing can also let unwanted air inside your home. If the seals or caulk are peeling or cracking that would be a good indicator for replacement.
    Try the Flashlight Test: Shine a flashlight on the seals of your window from the outside. If any light comes through than you have yourself some air leaks.

Poor Physical Condition

  • If opening and closing is difficult, or your window needs to be propped to be propped to stay open, then chances are you need to replacement.
  •  Check to see the conditions of the window frames, if you can easily push a screwdriver into them, this is a sign of decay and you need absolutely need to replace.
  • Is the paint on the exterior of the window peeling or cracking? Beside being visually unappealing,  peeling or cracking paint means that moisture is making is damaging the frame

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