Increase Curb Appeal With An Improved Front Entry

Front entry of homeDid you know that your front door will likely influence how people view your home more so then even siding, roofing, and windows?  A well-designed entrance welcomes visitors and can give a favorable or less than favorable first impression of you and your home.


We’ve all seen the holiday movies with family arriving at a gorgeous home with a beautiful entry complete with wreath and warm light through the windows.  With day light savings time taking away what little evening light we had, it’s a great time to make coming home as welcoming as possible for our guests and ourselves.


The front door can make big difference in a homes curb appeal.  Does the color of your door match the style and surroundings of your home?  You’ll want to pick a color that makes you smile and really pops and makes a statement.  Brighter colors are usually best since outside colors tend to fade more.  Once you’ve chosen the hue get advice from a professional about the best type of paint to use.  For example, if your door is old and damaged you will not want to use high gloss paint since it will make the imperfections stand out.


Other things to consider about your entry are the plants and pathways to the door.  Match the hardscaping and plants to the architectural style of your home.  Don’t forget about lighting and decorating for the different seasons.


Search the web where you will find a limitless amount of ideas when Googling terms such as “outside front entry design ideas.”  Get inspired and create a beautiful entry for you and your guests.  Doing a few small things will go a long way in creating a welcoming entrance!


If a new door has been on your wish list for a while give us a call and we will help you pick out the perfect one for your home.

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