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New & Replacement Window Installation

New window installation is a technical process that takes a knowledgeable and capable window installation expert to ensure your new windows fit, seal, open and close properly. Puget Sound Window & Door employs only the highest level of window installation experts to install new and replacement windows and they offer each customer credible, in-house service they’ll stand behind 100%. In the professional hands of Puget Sound Window & Door’s skilled experts, your window installation project will surely happen seamlessly and conveniently for you and your family members.

If you reside in the greater SeattleTacoma or Puyallup Valley areas, and you are seeking expert window installation, give Puget Sound Window & Door a call today to receive a free, no obligation estimate.

For those who want to learn more about how expert window installation is accomplished, we’ve shared a handy, step-by-step installation guide below or you can view the accompanying video, courtesy of Milgard Windows.

Window Installation Explained:

Milgard uses the Blunt Frame Insert Method to install most of their windows. This method is very time efficient and does not create the disruption associated with other methods of window installation because no trim is removed.

Installer will remove old sashes & unnecessary parts that remain on the window frame

Installer will apply caulking around the edges of the window frame to provide a strong & durable shield

The window is then installed from the inside of the home

Final adjustments are made to ensure proper functionality of the window

Insulation is then applied and interior trim is installed creating a seamless, finished look

Installer will clean up any mess that is created and dispose of your old windows

Window Installation

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