Not Your Average, Geeky Window!

Essence Wood WindowSmart and Intelligent.  Comfortable and dependable.  Beautiful AND energy efficient???



We want all of these good things and with good reason.  Lets start by considering our home environment — the U.S. Department of Energy reports that up to 25 percent of a household’s energy bill is due to inefficient windows and skylights.  Other sources say this number is closer to 40 percent.  The EPA estimates the average home spends $1,300.00 each year on utility bills and emits over 26,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.  It just makes sense to increase our home’s comfort level, while reducing the energy bill, not to mention our carbon footprint.


Plus, there are more benefits you can achieve by replacing your windows. Would you believe they are health related? Let’s take a closer look at what beautiful, energy efficient windows can do for us beyond just saving us money and sustaining the environment.  We can be good to the earth while also getting closer to it.  Windows have the ability to bring the outside in and research has shown time and again, a connection to nature is beneficial to our health.  For example, reports that “access to nature and green environments yields better cognitive functioning, more self-discipline and impulse control, and greater mental health overall.”


Let’s not forgot about the importance and value that beauty on the inside of a home brings to our peace of mind as well – perhaps a beauty that comes from a natural look and feel on the inside of our homes as well. The inside of our home environment is made up of light, space, color, shape, texture, and artwork; all of this affects our well-being.  Aesthetically pleasing surroundings can stimulate our senses and the peacefulness of the interior of your home is very important, because it helps to result in better moods, less stress and more relaxed sleep. In Essence, being good to the environment and having a beautiful interior also means being good to you.


May we suggest Essence Windows?  They are beautiful solid wood windows on the interior and a strong fiberglass exterior with an integrated water drainage system that is different from traditional window construction.  These beautiful windows meet Energy Star standards and come with a full lifetime warranty, including glass breakage coverage.  You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for efficiency; you can have all the great benefits of a natural look, high quality craftsmanship and the energy efficiency all-in-one package. Not to mention the life-sustaining health benefits you will gain as well.


Now is the time, to Frame Your View In Essence.




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