Peace Of Mind, Quality, And Affordability

Beautifully Framed ViewWhen we asked our Facebook followers what they felt was the number one consideration when purchasing windows.  The response: peace of mind, quality, and affordability.  We couldn’t agree more.  Purchasing replacement windows is a major investment for homeowners.  That is why we are happy to have grown over the years through referrals and relationships.  On top of that we work with an awesome Northwest company: Milgard.  Milgard offers one of the best warranties available.  Their lifetime warranty gives homeowners the peace of mind that they are getting a quality product that is backed up by the company who makes it.  For as long as homeowners live in the home they can rest assured that their windows and doors are covered, including parts and labor.


The warranty itself is proof of the quality windows that Milgard manufactures.  On top of that Milgard is committed to innovation including materials, manufacturing techniques, components, glass, and energy efficiency.  Read more about Milgard Advantages.


We offer many options for homeowners and will help you walk through the process of determining a budget.  Purchasing replacement windows is usually always an excellent investment.  When purchasing high quality, energy-efficient replacement windows, homeowners can expect to recoup an average of 80 percent for the replacement.  (2007 Cost vs. Value Report).  You’ll also want to check with your power company to see what rebates and incentives they offer.


Other benefits:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • More comfort
  • Easy operation
  • Weather tight seals
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduction in noise
  • Reduction in condensation
  • Less fading to draperies and upholstered furniture


For more information give us a call or fill out our consultation form.

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