Prep For Upcoming Storms

weep systemIt’s November and with the fall/winter season comes some rain.  We’re pretty much guaranteed a few rainy and windy days – yes, probably more than a few.  If you have Milgard windows you’ll want to be aware of the weep system that allows water to drain to the outside as it builds up, protecting the inside of your home.


Proper maintenance of the weep system is crucial for it to drain properly.  It’s normal for water to build up on the outside sill and track, so you’ll want to make sure that keep both of these clear of dirt and debris.  Inspect the weep holes on a regular basis and use a toothbrush to clear them out if needed.


If you know a rainstorm is coming, and in the Northwest we know one or more is coming, inspect and clean the weep holes of your Milgard windows; do the same with your Milgard patio doors.  It’s recommended by Milgard to do this at least once a year.


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