Redmond, WA Homeowners: Safety Tips for Windows and Doors

Have you created a safe and secure home to share with your family? There are several things that you can do to the windows and doors to prevent injury and reduce the risk of burglary. Here at Puget Sound Window & Door, we provide window services to homeowners in  Redmond, WA and the surrounding areas. Here are a few ideas to help you improve the safety of your home:

Check the Locks

If a lock is broken, then it might be a weak point where someone could get inside. Check every door and window to make sure that the locks are engaged and strong. If something is wrong with one of the locks, then you might replace the lock. Another option is to replace the entire window for other benefits as well.

Do you have young children in the home? Protect their safety by keeping the windows locked at all times. If the children can open the window on an upper floor, then it could turn into a dangerous situation. Consider the window layout during installation to allow a fresh breeze without endangering your children. For example, the top sash of a double-hung window could be opened so that the child can’t climb through.

Easy Access

Even though you need strong locks to prevent burglary, it is important that you can open the windows easily. In the situation where a fire or other disaster occurs, you need to be able to open the window to get out if needed. Windows that are stuck or painted shut could create a hazardous situation for your family.

When you are replacing the windows, consider the types of windows that will provide easy exit if needed. Look at the different features and whether the windows will be opened by all family members.

Furniture Placement

Consider the layout of the room to arrange furniture around the windows. Furniture and beds should be placed far enough from the windows that the child can’t reach the window by climbing on the furniture. Avoid placing a crib or bed near the window because of the potential for injury if the child gets caught in the cords or curtain fabric.


If an emergency occurs and you need to jump out the window, will you have a good place to land? As you are planning the landscaping layout, consider the benefits of adding soft materials below just in case. For example, you could put in bushes that will break your fall to soften the impact when you hit the ground.

The hope is that you will never need to use the windows as emergency exit points. But, planning can reduce injury in case you find yourself in the situation where you need to leave quickly.

When you are installing new windows Redmond, WA, make sure to pick the best security features to keep your family protected. Talk to our team at Puget Sound Window & Door to learn more about the options for homeowners in Redmond. We have a showroom you can visit at 445 E Main Ave, Puyallup, WA 98372. Or, call if you would like an in-home consultation: (253) 904-8658

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