Reducing Noise Increases Your Homes Comfort


Milgard's Quiet Line WindowsIf you’ve ever found yourself out in the middle of a desert at night without a soul in sight or up in the mountains with miles between you and civilization, you probably took note of how quiet it was; if you don’t find yourself in secluded areas much you were probably quite amazed at the silence.  We don’t realize how much noise is around until we’re in a space so completely absent of it.


Or, on the flip side, maybe we do notice how much noise is around because we live close to the freeway, railroad tracks, downtown, crazy loud neighbors, construction…. the list goes on.


The windows of your home are one of the main ways that this noise gets through.  If you have an older home with single pane wood windows and you’re in a noisy area then you really hear it.  Double pane windows can reduce the noise by 20 percent and some vinyl windows will reduce the noise by 50 percent.


If noise is a concern, you’ll want to take it a step further and consider windows that are made specifically to reduce noise.  Milgard’s Quiet Line sound control windows will reduce noise by 30 percent compared to their other windows.  Read what people are saying about their Milgard Quiet Line windows here.


Instead of guessing on the best windows for your sound situation, give us a call and we’ll help you find the right new or replacement windows that will not only reduce noise and make your home a more comfortable place, but meet your other goals as well concerning design and cost.

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