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Vinyl Replacement Windows and Doors Upgrade Your Redmond Home with the Unique Style You are Looking For

Redmond is well known for its high quality of life, artistic community, and beautiful parks, so when you’re considering an upgrade for your home, you will want to ensure that the style of your vinyl replacement windows and doors live up to Redmond’s creative atmosphere.

Your front door and your windows are two of the main focal points of your home, so their style should fit your home’s facade. Which style of vinyl replacement windows and doors will best fit your Redmond home? Awning Windows are hinged at the top and open outward, which allow ventilation without letting in rain. Awning windows have a minimalist look when closed, and are an excellent choice for basements, or to pair with picture windows. Casement Windows are hinged at one side and swing open outwards, like a door. They have a hand crank, which makes them an ideal solution for just about any space. Currently, casement windows are the most popular style window in new construction.

Single and Double Hung Windows. There is only one main difference between these two windows. Single hung windows, have only one moving sash, whereas double pane windows have two. These windows allow good airflow and are great for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios since they open without protruding.

Bay windows are a combination of three windows of varying widths, which extend from your home, emphasizes the view and letting in more light. These windows lend a spacious atmosphere to any room. Bow windows are similar in style but are made of 4-5 panes which create more of a “bow” effect vs. a more angular look with the bay window.

Picture Windows, as their name suggests, create a portrait-like feature on walls. They are fixed and do not open, and are an excellent choice for places where good light and a view is needed, and ventilation is not an issue.

Garden windows extend outwards from your home, with side vents to provide ventilation. They are ideal for breakfast rooms or reading nooks, and usually feature an interior shelf for plants or decorative items.

Vinyl replacement window and doors to perfectly complement your Redmond home’s style

Colonial homes originated in the 1600s and because the American settlers were so diverse, so were their homes. Therefore, there are many variations of this style. Colonial homes are all about simplicity and symmetry, so you might a classic, rectangular window style to complement them. To add visual appeal, consider the extension of a bay or bow window, which provides a break from the rectangular lines.

Cape Cod homes also hail from the 1600s and were inspired by the thatched cottages of Britain. In order to withstand the colder Northwestern winters, Cape Cod homes had steep roofs and large chimneys. Windows which flank the front door and dormer windows at the top are also typical of this style home. Cape Cod homes look best with a more classic style window.

Modeled after the rural Western ranches, Ranch/Rambler style homes were first built during the 1930s. They have a resemblance to the modern style, with open spaces and easy access to the outdoors. This style is mainly concerned with practicality and is known for single-floor and split-level floor plans. The good news about this style is that exterior details vary, which means greater personalization with regard to windows and doors is possible. To best complement your Ranch home, use a large picture, bow, or bay windows flanked by casement windows, which provide ventilation. Double or single hung windows are another common choice for this style home.

Pacific Northwest style homes have been significantly influenced by the Redmond climate, and as there is so much rain throughout the year, this style is designed with an eye towards sheltering from the elements and capturing the most sunlight possible. This style is characterized by open spaces, minimalist design, and incorporation of natural landscapes. Open, floor-to-ceiling picture windows capture maximum light and are the perfect solution.

Pacific Lodge style homes are reminiscent of log cabins, (though they range from small cabins to huge mansions), and they are greatly influenced by materials found in the Redmond region, as well as indigenous and frontier designs. The common rooms are typically large with high ceilings and require large windows that let in the most sunlight, like the garden or picture window.

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