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Vinyl Windows and Doors Bring Superior Comfort and Weather-proof Mastery to Your Seattle Home

Living in Seattle certainly has its advantages. From an almost endless array of open-air sports to the expansive arts scene, the Evergreen state is a beautiful place to live, whether you reside next to the ocean or near the mountains.

But as you know, living in scenic places like Seattle has its share of drawbacks, one of which is the inclement weather. Your windows and doors must be able to withstand Seattle’s seemingly incessant rains, high winds and damp days, and if they can’t, it’s time to replace them. According to city statistics, Seattle sees an average of 220 overcast days per year, so when replacing your windows, it is imperative that they be masters at keeping that weather out. Although there are many materials available for replacement window and doors, today’s most common choice are vinyl replacement windows and doors, and for good reason:

What are vinyl replacement windows and doors?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride (vinyl) replacement windows and doors are durable, energy efficient, maintenance-free, and corrosion-resistant, which is especially important for rainy climates like Seattle. As we mentioned before, vinyl window and door frames are highly energy efficient, in fact, they are 99% more efficient than aluminum, for example. Vinyl is also completely recyclable, both before and after installation. Vinyl does not oxidize, rot, or fall apart like aluminum or wood, and vinyl windows won’t require replacement nearly as often as units made from other materials, making them a true long-term investment. Vinyl is durable and impervious to condensation, an excellent feature to have in a Seattle home. Puget Sound Window & Door is proud to be one of the best dealers of Milgard’s premium award-winning vinyl windows and door lines, which offer a lifetime guarantee and exceptionally high energy efficient ratings. We offer a vast selection of window and doors, including French and sliding glass doors, double-hung and bay windows, and much more.

Why are vinyl replacement windows and doors are masters at weather-proofing your Seattle home?

Seattle is damp and given the heavy humidity, moisture build-up and lack of warmth that you live with every day, your doors and windows must be up the task, and vinyl replacement windows and doors most certainly are! At first glance, one vinyl window or door may seem the same as the next, but keep in mind that this is not true. In fact, vinyl replacement windows and doors can differ vastly in quality from one manufacturer to another. The reason for this is that vinyl units are made from a formula which determines its performance over a period of time.

Every additional ingredient added to the vinyl formula changes the long-term features of the end product. For example, titanium dioxide gives vinyl increased resistance to heat. At Puget Sound Window & Door, our Milgard vinyl replacement windows and doors are specially designed for Seattle weather with superior weather-proof and insulation capabilities. And, before they are available for purchase, all products are put through extensive quality and consistency tests, so that by the time you see our windows and doors, you know you are getting only the best, fortified with high-performance properties, which will stay looking like new for many years to come.

Snow is the exception, not the rule for winters in Seattle, but when the snowstorms do hit, you need your windows to be ready. Snow in Seattle is wet and can quickly become ice, turning the whole city into a skating rink. So, when you take this excuse to stay home from work and catch up on your favorite Netflix series, you will want to trust your windows to keep you nice and warm.

All our windows have durable exterior vinyl finishes specially designed to protect against the elements. When you are looking for vinyl replacement windows and doors that can stand up to the stormy weather, look no further than our Milgard products. Not only will you find them affordable, energy efficient, and gorgeous, but they offer a full lifetime warranty and the advice of expert Milgard professionals. These windows will keep your Seattle home’s temperatures in balance, keep wind, rain and heat at bay, and provide you with the most energy efficient materials available.

Kick start your vinyl renovation project with a free, no-pressure, in-home consultation with Summer’s more even-tempered weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to install vinyl replacement windows and doors, and Puget Sound Window & Door is ready to help you make the most of your Seattle renovation. We have an unsurpassed customer service reputation and would be delighted to help you ensure that your renovation will be the quality and valuable investment in your home that it should be. Schedule a free, no-pressure, in-home consultation, today!

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