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Vinyl Replacement Windows and Doors Offer Superb Sustainability to Your Tacoma Home

Tacoma isn’t called the “City of Destiny” for nothing, as the entire city strives to work together to minimize negative impacts and instead conserve the natural resources that sustain us. In fact, Tacoma has been named as one of the most livable areas in America, and it’s no wonder why, with sustainability achievements like the Healthy Homes, Healthy Neighborhood project, which provided programs and incentives to save residents money on their everyday household expenses while at the same time improving the health of their home and neighborhood. Anyone would feel fortunate to live in a progressive city like Tacoma, where sustainability means taking care of the economy, environment, and the community in such a way that it becomes a place for both present and future generations to thrive.

Tacoma homeowners can take sustainability into their own hands with vinyl replacement windows and doors.

Achieving sustainability takes more than the efforts of a city’s government, however, and extends to the hands of the local residents. So where do you fit in? You’re only one person in Tacoma, but this certainly does not mean you should underestimate your impact. In fact, when you do your part to help maintain Tacoma’s attitude of “green living”, you will realize that besides being good for the community and the world, it benefits you directly.

Sustainability in Tacoma is recognizing the integrated nature of the world, and that our natural resources are finite, and the best place to put this into practice is starting with your very own home. Believe it or not, vinyl replacement windows and doors can have a huge impact on sustainability and green living conditions when you choose the right materials and options. We can all take steps to be more responsible by reducing our carbon footprint that’s caused by our everyday activities, like driving our car and our energy use at home. Our home energy usage is guilty of about ¼ of our total carbon footprint, but you can reduce yours significantly when you install energy efficient vinyl replacement windows and doors in your home. Not only do vinyl replacement windows protect you and your family from the exterior elements, they also preserve our environment from the negative impact of unnecessary and thoughtless energy consumption.

Vinyl replacement windows and doors are the environmentally-responsible choice for your Tacoma home

What exactly makes vinyl replacement windows and doors so eco-friendly? First of all, did you know that one of the main elements used to make vinyl is derived from salt, a plentiful mineral from the earth? Since salt is so common, this makes the construction of vinyl extremely sustainable. And vinyl replacement windows and doors are also 100% recyclable! This is great news, as it means old vinyl windows and doors can be reclaimed and reused in a multitude of ways, including new and useful products like garden hoses, bottles, blister packaging, fencing, automotive applications, traffic cones and even boots.

In contrast, let’s take a look at the environmental effects wood windows have. Trees are grown to maturity and then cut down to produce the window frames. Next, the wood needs to be sealed, stained or painted before it’s finally installed. Eventually, the toxic substances in the sealants, stains and paints will make their way into the waste stream. The worst part about wood windows is that they will eventually need replacement, starting the whole contaminated process over again. An independent study shows that vinyl uses less energy to make, generates fewer emissions and requires fewer natural resources than other leading materials, and in addition to their eco-friendly qualities, vinyl replacement windows and doors have countless other benefits to offer. They are durable, insect, rot, and weather-resistant, virtually maintenance-free and last for years. Even after a long, useful lifespan, vinyl replacement windows and doors can be recycled into new products which will last decades further.

Help work towards Tacoma’s vision for sustainability by installing vinyl replacement windows and doors

Puget Sound Window & Door presents our Milgard products, which hail from Milgard’s legacy of commitment to reducing our environmental impact. Milgard participates in the Environments For Living® program, and we offer vinyl replacement windows and doors that meet both the requirements of the Environments For Living® program and Environments For Living Certified Green™ program. 97% of vinyl scrap is recycled into future window frames, while the remaining 3% is made into other products like garden hoses. Puget Sound Window & Door understands that environmental stewardship is a journey, and we would be honored to assist you with your replacement windows and doors project. Let us help you out by giving you a free, no-pressure consultation right in the comfort of your home!

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