Replacement Windows and Other Easy Tips to Improve Your Redmond, WA Home

What do people think when they come to visit your home? If the curb appeal of your Redmond, WA property is suffering, then you need to invest in a few renovation projects. Compare the costs and benefits of various options, such as replacement windows:

Replacement Windows

The option to upgrade the windows is at the top of our list to help with curb appeal. Not only will new windows change the outdoor appearance of your home, but they can also help with the indoor appeal as well. When people see your property, the windows are often the main features that are noticed. You can replace these products and give your home a facelift right away.

Entry Area

Consider the things that people will see when they approach your front door. If you have a sturdy door, then you might be able to add a fresh coat of paint and make it look as good as new. On the other hand, there are times when the front door might need to be replaced.

Also, inspect entry windows near the doors, the stability of the steps leading to the door, and the front porch. A good quality porch can be transformed with a little bit of cleaning and repair work. In an older home, you might need to invest a little more money to replace the door, upgrade the railings, and fix the external siding or stucco on the home.

Window Boxes and Shutters

It is amazing to see the way the windows will improve when you add décor. Shutters or window boxes can be a simple solution to add character to your home without the need to replace the exterior. Find the perfect fit by looking at different colors and designs. Our team can make recommendations about the projects that will match the other style elements in your home.

Walkway and Landscaping

Just because you have nice windows and doors, doesn’t mean that you can let the landscaping slide. Trim the trees, add shrubs, or place a few flower pots to brighten the walkway to your home. Also, make sure that the cement or stone is steady and even for people who are walking up to the door. If the surface is broken or damaged in any way, then it could be a potential tripping hazard when people come to visit.


High-quality lights outside can brighten your home and make a difference to the overall appearance of the property. You can change the light on the front porch to make it easier to see your visitors when they come in the evening. Also, consider adding decorative lights around the flower beds or walkways to add a soft, beautiful touch to the yard.

At Puget Sound Window & Door, we are available to help with your home upgrades. If you want more information about replacement windows Redmond, WA, then our team is here for your family. You can view popular products in our showroom at 445 E Main Ave, Puyallup, WA 98372. Or, call to learn more about the services that we offer: (253) 904-8658

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