Stay Warm This Winter

dog and girl looking out the window at winterTemperatures in and around Seattle and Tacoma, Washington dipped low this past week and with the heavy winds many of us probably found ourselves feeling those little drafty areas that don’t seem like such a big deal in the spring and summer.  While the bigger projects like new windows and insulation take a little more time and planning, there are some easy chores to help keep your family warm this winter.


·      Fix drafty windows and doors.  Weatherstripping will help keep your house warmer and save you money on your energy bill.  Place weatherstripping in the gaps between windows and sashes and along doorjambs to keep the chilly air out and the heat in.

·      Seal the bottom of your doors.  If your doors need extra draft protection, place a door sweep along the bottom to seal the gap.

·      Keep your furnace maintained.  Hire a professional to make sure your furnace is in good condition.  You can also take care of simple maintenance yourself such as replacing filters and cleaning registers.

·      Call your utility provider and ask for a conservation specialist to evaluate your home’s efficiency for free.  Check out Tacoma Public Utilities’ weatherization information.

·      Upgrade from a standard thermostat to a smart thermostat.  Smart thermostats offer features that cut down on your bill such as sensing when you’re home and when you’re away, automatically adjusting accordingly.

·      Seal leaks in your ducts.  Special metal tape is available to seal up leaks that could be adding a significant amount of money onto your energy bill.

·      Use fabric to keep your house warm and cozy.  Wood floors are nice in the summer but keep your house warmer in the winter by putting down area rugs.  You can also place drapes in front of windows to keep warm air in and the cold out.

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