How to Tell if You Need Replacement Windows in Your Bellevue, WA Home

As a homeowner, it is important that you keep up with regular maintenance and care for your property. Even if you buy a modern home, there are a few items that will need to be replaced or repaired at some point. These projects are essential to protect the value or your property and ensure that your family is comfortable.

Replacement windows are a big investment that you should consider. Even though this investment might cost a little more compared to other home renovations, you will love the long-term benefits that are available. At Puget Sound Window & Door, we offer top-notch replacement windows in Bellevue, WA, and the surrounding neighborhoods. When you are ready to learn more, the best thing that you can do is call our team.

Signs that the Windows need to be Replaced

A professional contractor can inspect your windows and make recommendations about the things that should be done to improve the quality of your home. But, you don’t need to call a professional to know that it is time for a replacement. Homeowners can do their inspections to see if there are any problems that they identify.

Watch for these signs that indicate the need for replacement windows:

  • Cracked Glass: Inspect the surface of the glass to see if you can find any cracks or visible blemishes. Some people assume that the cracks are harmless of they are small and insignificant. But, these small marks could bring in moisture and drafty air from outside. Additionally, cracks show a weak point that could be vulnerable to
  • Drafty Window Frames: Hold your hand up around the edges of the window frame to see if you can find any noticeable areas where the air is leaking. This leaked air is bad for temperature management in your home. When the drafts are coming in through the windows, you will need to adjust your HVAC system to maintain the right temperature for each room.
  • Temperature Fluctuations: As you are sitting in a room, do you notice that there are big swings in the temperature? Pay attention to the way the temperature changes. You can stay in one place for a while, or try walking to different areas of the room. If it is hotter or colder by the windows, then it is a good indication that you have poorly insulated glass that needs to be replaced.
  • Outdated Appearance: Does the appearance of your home look good? Or, are you embarrassed because the property looks run down and outdated? A few small renovations can go a long way to making your home look great! Invest in replacement windows and other aesthetic upgrades to give your Bellevue home a facelift.

If you find any of these problems when you are doing an inspection of your windows, then it is essential that you call an installation team right away. We will come to your home and provide a customized proposal to match the needs of your family.

For more information, call us at Puget Sound Window & Door. We have a convenient showroom for you to visit: 445 E Main Ave, Puyallup, WA 98372. Or you can call for more information about your proposal: (253) 904-8658

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