The Best Window Cleaner

How to Make the Best Window Cleaner

So we probably all have a spray bottle of Windex lying around the house for those inspirational moments when we decide it is time to clean our windows! Around here in the Pacific Northwest that moment doesn’t usually come until the sun returns to us and we notice just how dirty the winter and spring left our windows.


The best window cleaner


Next time you’re feeling the urge to make your windows crystal clear again don’t reach for the store-bought window cleaner and instead mix up your own batch! It really doesn’t get easier that this:



The Best Window Cleaner Recipe:

1/2 cup of soapy ammonia

1 pint of rubbing alcohol

1/2 tsp dish soap

Warm water

Add enough water to the soapy ammonia and rubbing alcohol to make a gallon. Pour into spray bottles and start cleaning!


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