Tips for Choosing the Best Colors for Replacement Windows in Bellevue, WA

It might feel like a difficult decision to pick a time to replace the windows in your Bellevue, WA home. But, this decision is just the first of many that you will need to make for your home upgrades. It is fun to pick the products and colors, but some homeowners feel overwhelmed because there are many options available.

Instead of navigating the industry by yourself, the best approach is to choose an installation team to help. Not only will you receive the assistance that you need during the planning steps, but you will also have support during installation and after the replacement windows are done. If you are thinking about this investment for your home, then the best thing that you can do is find a trusted installation team as soon as possible.

Repainting vs. Window Replacement?

One big motivator to replace the windows is to change the color of the frames. If you are looking for options to save money, then you might be considering a re-paint job instead of window replacement. But, repainting won’t offer the full range of benefits that you need.

Repainting creates a new surface coat for the window frames, but you won’t get the benefits of better insulation, improved home security, increased property value, energy efficiency, and more.

While repainting will improve the aesthetics of your home, replacement windows Bellevue, WA will upgrade the appearance and the function of the property. So, consider the benefits of investing in new products that are built to last for many years.

Colors to Match Your Bellevue, WA Home

Many homeowners choose neutral window colors, such as tan, cream, or white. These products are universal and will look good in most homes. But, consider the options to add a brighter color if you want to improve the style of the property.

  • Matching Colors: This approach is designed to choose window frame colors that match the other colors in your home. For example, if you have gray siding, then you might choose gray windows to match.
  • Contrasting Colors: On the other hand, consider the benefits of contrasting colors that will add a pop of style to the property. Instead of blending the windows with the rest of the home, the frames will stand out. For example, if you have a red brick house, then you might pick tan or gray window frames.

As you are comparing the colors, make sure that you stick to the warm or cool hues that integrate with the other colors in the home. For example, if most of the colors in your décor are blues and greens, then it is best to pick a cool hue for the windows as well.

Schedule a Complimentary In-Home Consultation

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