Trendy Window Treatment Ideas

Windows provide more than natural light and ventilation into a room; they are also a great way to add style to any space. When choosing window treatments it is important to evaluate the style of the room, in order to choose a treatment that compliments the space.

Roman Shades: They are a great option for traditional and contemporary spaces, the clean lines and simple design allow them to add a touch of style into your room. If you want to spruce up the shades try selecting a pattern with decorative embellishments.

Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes: Simple, classic and can instantly change the appearance of a room floor-to-ceiling drapes are a great choice to create higher ceilings and enhance the style of a space. When designing your window treatments remember to select a fabric that is classic, for the fabric can be expensive to replace as trends come and go.

Balloon Shades: Looking for a romance, fun window treatment? Balloon shades offer graceful lines and are sure to be noticed; they are a good option in a dining room or living room.

Layer Shades: Try having a sheer shade with a blackout shade behind, that way you can allow light in when wanted or create a shaded room. The layering effect will also add warmth to a room.

There are many more window treatment styles available, we just selected some of the most popular trends. When selecting curtains have fun and select fabrics that reflect you and your family’s personality. We have found a site that is great for designing your own window treatments:

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Reference: HGTV

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