Universal Designed Windows and Boomers


easy to use windowEvery 8 seconds a baby boomer turns 60 and residents over 50 are the fastest growing segment in the housing market.  About 5 percent of the population aged 65 or older live in nursing homes.  This is because the majority (95 percent) are choosing to enjoy their elder years in the comfort of their own home–and they plan on staying there.


While they see themselves living out their life comfortably and independent in their home, they recognize that this means they need a low maintenance home.  Builders and contractors need to be thinking about features that make homes appealing to this growing age group, concentrating their efforts on universal design.  Universal design means that the product is usable by all people without the need for specialized design or adaptation.  What’s nice about universal design is that it isn’t marketed to the elderly.  Boomers don’t want products that are “made” for seniors.


In 2010, Milgard submitted it’s new vinyl patio door to a lab for ease-of-use testing.  The test went well and the Arthritis Foundation recognized them with their second Ease-of Use Commendation.


Observations made during the testing of Milgard’s SmartTouch:


  • “The SmartTouch lock is very easy to use.”
  • Users preferred the SmartTouch lock over other window locks
  • Users liked that the windows automatically locked when they were fully closed.


Milgard windows and doors not only meet high standards when it comes to ease-of-use but they are also aesthetically pleasing and need little to no maintenance.


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Source: Milgard.com

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