When To Replace Your Windows

As we are about to enter into the cooler time of year, you may want to consider whether it is appropriate to replace your existing windows. Changing your windows can play a major role in insulating your home in the winter months therefore saving your hard earner money.

When deciding whether or not to change your windows, it is crucial to know how long your current windows have been a part of your home. If it’s been at least 10 years, you’ll really want to start considering replacements. If it has been more than 15 years, it is imperative that you determine whether your windows are still doing their job at all. If you find that you have more to consider when it comes to changing your windows, here are some more tips to think about:

Determine how many panes of glass are in your windows.

  • Single-paned windows are by far the least energy efficient, as well as when it comes to saving money. Replace these inefficient windows with double paned energy star qualified windows. You’ll watch your bank account grow as well as remain much more comfortable throughout the seasons.

Look for condensation appearing inside the glass on double- or triple-paned windows.

  • Many people recognize this problem as a seal failure. If this is the case, it is usually best to replace the glass or the entire window.

Do your windows open and close easily?

  • This is a clear sign that your windows may need replacing. It could be difficult to open or close a window and in some cases some don’t remain locked.

Does it seem especially noisy in your house?

  • Realistically, if should not feel as if the cars the drive past your home are rumbling through your living room. This is an annoyance and you should definitely consider changing your windows. Double pained windows or laminated glass are a great solution in this case.


Still have questions about your window replacement needs? Feel free to give us a call at (253) 666 – 3555 and we’d be happy to assist you with all your needs! Here at Puget Sound Window & Door our goal is to provide you with a full range of window products that offer energy savings, comfort and peace of mind.

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