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thief opening a windowOn June 7th, Komo News reported a spike in home burglaries in West Seattle.  In one week more than a dozen homes were burglarized.  Seattle police say that property crimes are an ongoing problem in the city, leaving residents wondering what they can do to stay safe.


Security and alarm companies are often advertising in areas such as West Seattle when an up-tick in crime occurs, and a security system for sure is not a bad idea, especially if it brings you more peace of mind.  There are however, other simple measures to take.


Unlocked doors and windows are the first thing a burglar will look for when attempting a break in.  Forty percent of all break-ins occur without force.  Simply remembering to check that doors and windows are locked before bed or before leaving can keep your home secure.  Keep in mind that the quality of your doors and frames is as important as keeping the windows and doors locked.  Even if you have a great lock, a cheap door and weak frame can make kicking it in easier than you’d think.


If you have sliding glass doors, put a stick on the track so that it cannot be slid open.  And while glass on these doors as well as windows can be broken, burglars generally do not want to go this route do to the noise.  Sliding windows can be secured the same as a sliding door.  On casement windows, remove the crank handle so that if a burglar does go down the path of breaking your window, he cannot simply reach in to open it up from the inside.


Another simple measure is to make sure you keep your windows covered at night, and when you are gone.  You are less of a target if the thief cannot see what’s inside.


If you feel that your current windows and doors are in need of replacement due to durability and safety issues, give us a call and we will help you pick out doors and windows that will be the best fit for your home and family.


For more information on how to discourage break-ins visit this howstuffworks article.

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