Window Replacement Rebates

Milgard Windows by Puget Sound Window & DoorYou’ve heard the statistics before – 25 percent of your home’s energy bill is due to inefficient windows according to the U.S. Department of Energy.  Yet you still have inefficient windows – wasting money and making it harder to have a comfortable home in the winter.


There are many reasons to replace old windows, but let’s look at just one – available rebates.  If you’re a Tacoma Power customer then you can receive up to $1000.00 when you replace your inefficient windows.  It’s worth looking into.  According to Tacoma Power, the remaining cost can be financed with their seven-year zero-interest loan much of the time.  And, income qualified customers may be eligible for a grant that often covers the entire cost of your new windows.


Here are the qualifications:


  • You’re a Tacoma Power customer
  • Your home is electrically heated and built before 1988
  • Your home is fully insulated (check out insulation rebates as well)


The Rebate:


  • $4 per square foot to replace single-pane windows
  • $2 per square foot to replace double-pane metal-framed windows
  • Maximum rebate: $1000.00


For information on their loan and grant programs click here.


Replacing your windows will lower your energy bill and provide the comfort you want during Tacoma’s chilly winters and hot summers; there are those few days that get pretty hot.  You can feel good about using less energy, which in turn reduces your home’s carbon footprint.


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