Window Treatments For Skylights

velux skylight coversSkylights are great for bringing the outside in and providing natural light indoors – especially in the greater Seattle, Tacoma area.  But sometimes the extra light is not wanted and brings in extra heat, which isn’t always wanted as well.  There are a variety of window treatments to consider for your skylights.


When looking into shades or blinds make sure you measure your skylights and choose ones that are made specifically for skylights.  If your skylights are especially high you’ll want to consider remote controlled blinds or shades.  These are more expensive but much more convenient.


The room that the skylight is in and it’s purpose will determine the material you’ll want to choose.  Will you want to block all light at times or will you want some light to shine through at all times?  You may want to pick a color that matches the color of your ceiling so that when closed it’s not noticed.  This is easy if you have a white ceiling like most.  If it’s a custom color you may want to choose a custom made shade as well.


Another option for covering your skylights is window film.  It comes in different shades and designs.  It’s easy to install, does not harm the window and comes off easily as well.  Another way you can block much of the sun coming through the skylight is by installing a skylight cover.  These are put on the outside of the skylight and are great for blocking the heat in the summer time while not completely blocking all the light.


We can help you choose whether skylights are a good option for your home and can also point you in the right direction for covering options.

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