Windows For Your Modern Home

modern homeSimple, clean lines and a lack of the decorations very common in older homes generally characterize modern homes.  Modern architecture started to become popular after the Second World War.  There is no exact definition for what is considered modern but the concept came to life as a way to keep up with rapid changes in technology.  Form following function is a characteristic of many modern buildings.


There are many choices when replacing windows in your modern home but keeping in mind the simplicity of these homes you’ll most likely go with casement, awning and horizontal sliding aluminum windows with thin profiles and very little in the way of detail.  These windows do well in complementing the homes sleek and polished appearance.  Vinyl windows with a narrow frame can also be a good choice especially when energy efficiency is a concern.  Large picture windows are also very common in modern homes.


The same principles apply when replacing doors in a modern home.  Sliding doors are a popular choice with slender frames and low profiles.


Learn more about Milgard’s recommendations for modern homes with their Style Line Series of vinyl windows and their Standard Aluminum patio doors.

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