Distinctive Window Treatments for Distinctive Replacement Windows

Adding the right kind of treatments, like those with bright colors or interesting textures, to your replacement windows can only enhance your eclectic or unique style.
March 15, 2021

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Adding the right kind of treatments to your replacement windows on your Tacoma, WA home can only enhance your eclectic or unique style. After all, an eclectic or unique interior design needs one common shape, piece or thing to tie the space together. Here’s how to use window treatments like shutters in a unique room with replacement windows.

Start by adding some texture. Mixing and layering different textures is a big way to make any room look great, but especially more unique spaces. While most window treatments are soft and easily forgettable, treatments have a straight-edged, stacked texture with clean lines that draw the eye and balance different textiles in the room. You can add even more texture to the space by layering different kinds of window treatments over treatments. Try adding elegance with draperies or dreaminess with gauzy, sheer curtains. You could also add even more texture by choosing a wood grain finish on your window treatments to give them the look of real wood, weathered wood, or adding thicker louvers.

You can also use a simple color palate. A busy or colorful room needs an anchor, otherwise the eclectic pieces will just look like clutter or be overwhelming to the eye. You can use window treatments in a simple color to anchor a space. Pick window treatments in a primary or complementary neutral color and then decorate with that color as a base, because when everything in a room follows the same color scheme it looks unified. Luckily, window treatments come in an array of stylish neutral colors that are easy to build into a modern or eclectic design. If you really want to make your treatments a bold color, you can use mostly neutrals with touches of an accent color.

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Finally, use them for function and style. While style is very important, you shouldn’t sacrifice style for function. Luckily, window treatments like shutters give you both. Shutters bring visual interest and style to a room and they also give you light control, privacy, and energy efficiency. You can open or close the treatments for a greater amount of light while keeping the louvres adjusted for privacy. Treatments also increase your home’s energy efficiency as they can insulate windows up to 70% more efficiently than other treatments.

If you play your cards right, the right kind of window treatments also last a long, long time. Since they are hard, they stand up to daily use and general wear and tear more than fabric window treatments. Plus, most brands of treatments these days are scratch, chip, and dent resistant for even more longevity. They resist cracking, warping, pests, fading, and chipping to make your space look great for longer.

Puget Sound Window & Door is here to help if you want to learn more about unique interior design and Tacoma, WA replacement windows and treatments. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today. What do you think of when you picture unique or eclectic interior designs? Maybe bright colors, random assortments of decorative items, or some vintage furniture. You probably don’t picture window treatments, but maybe now you will.


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