How to Fix a Squeaky Door Hinge

Fix a squeaky door hinge in less than 30 minutes with these easy instructions! To contact Puget Sound Window & Door CALL 253-987-7716!
January 31, 2013

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Squeaky door hinges not only make you feel like you’re living in a haunted house but they’re also extremely annoying! No need to call a handy man though because we will show and tell you just how to make those pesky squeaks stop.

Solution #1: The Quick Fix

Simply lifting the hinge pin and applying a small amount of oil into the squeaky hinges will take care of the noise in the short run however, the squeaking will return eventually.

how to fix a squeaky door hinge

Solution #2: The Squeak Eliminator

So your door hinges have started squeaking again and now it is time for you to make a more lasting change to your door. To ensure long-lasting peace and quiet in your home, simply tap the hinge pin out of the hinge and coat the pin with white lithium grease. Once sufficiently coated, replace the pin and test the door. Your door should open and close silently! Lubricating both top and bottom hinges regularly can also help prevent squeaking.

tapping a door hinge

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