5 Details to Consider When You're Looking for Replacement Windows

Puget Sound Window & Door is here to help you organize your thoughts and the shopping process with five details to consider when you are looking for replacement windows. 
October 31, 2022

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Once you’ve made the decision to replace the windows in your home, you may feel slightly overwhelmed with choices and options, especially if it is your first time doing so. Puget Sound Window & Door is here to help you organize your thoughts and the shopping process with five details to consider when you are looking for replacement windows. 

1. What type of material do you want to use?

This is a big deal! The type of material you use on your windows will greatly affect not only the look of your home, but also how long your windows can last. 

At Puget Sound Window & Door, we offer vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood clad windows. Each of these types of windows has its own unique list of pros and cons. Vinyl windows are affordable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Fiberglass windows are slightly more expensive than vinyl but are just as energy efficient and even more durable. Aluminum windows are modern and low maintenance. They also come at a variety of price points which is fantastic for the customer. Wood clad windows, while the most expensive, can be the most stunning to see. With wood on the interior of the home, and a more durable material on the outside to protect them, you will not be disappointed in these.

Each of these types of windows will also have its own style. It is important to think about how you would like your home to look and feel. Once you know the vibe you are going for, you can more easily select the type of frame that will best complement that. If you are struggling, you can always come in and talk with one of our experts to get more individualized help.

2. What function will these windows play in my home?

The functionality of these windows will also play a big role in your decisions. Does your room need more light? You will probably need a larger window to allow for that. Would you rather make an entire wall of windows? Consider adding a wall system that will allow you to open up your space entirely. If you are already redoing things, don’t think you have to stick to the size or style of the window that is already there. You can really change the look and feel of your home with windows and doors. 

If you aren’t looking to redo the entire home, but instead just a few windows that may need work, it may be time for replacement windows. In short, if you are noticing moisture, sticking, or drafts from your windows, you’ll want to meet with an expert to determine which windows would make the best replacement for your home. Making sure your windows are in top condition will end up saving you money long-term on your power bill!

3. Are the windows I’m buying high quality?

While the idea of buying high-quality windows may make you tense up and hold your card a little tighter, there is no need. At Puget Sound Window & Door, we offer high-quality windows at varying price points to ensure our customers are satisfied long-term with their purchases. 

Look into the different brands of windows offered at our store! There are quite a few. We are the biggest dealer of Milgard®  in the Seattle and Tacoma area. All of the brands we offer are high quality. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and installations. If this matters to you as well, look no further than Puget Sound.

4. Do I need to hire a contractor to install them?

While you may not NEED one, it is certainly helpful! Our master installers can replace a window in your home in under an hour. This will save you time and effort, unless you also happen to be a master installer. Using our in-house installers also ensures that the high-quality windows you purchase from us will be installed in the best way possible. This adds longevity and life to the investment you are making.

Whether or not you hire professionals to install your windows, you can speed up the process when your order arrives by having things prepared. Clear away any dirt, debris, or brush around the area before install day arrives. While you are clearing, you can also check for any rotting around the existing frames. If there is rotting, you can get materials to replace those things while installing your new window. Doing this will ensure the job goes as quickly as possible when you are ready to install. 

5. When do I need the job finished?

This may be the second biggest consideration only behind budgeting. It can take a few weeks to get custom-sized windows delivered. If you go and pick out all of your windows and something is not in stock, that could also mean a longer delivery time. You want to be sure you allow enough turnaround time before any sort of event at your home. If you are planning to host family for the holidays or maybe a party to celebrate someone or something, you will not want to be in the middle of the installation when that happens.

Look at your calendar, if you have something coming up that you want your home looking its best for, start planning now. It's better to be done early! Even if it is just preparing for the coming winter season, start planning now. Allowing for this will make for fewer headaches and stress all around.

If you are looking for replacement windows in the Seattle or Tacoma area, come by Puget Sound Window & Door. Our experts are ready to help you make these improvements to your home. With their expertise and non-pressure style, you will feel confident in the purchase you are making for your home to last for many years to come. We cannot wait to learn more about you and your home’s needs! 


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