A Beginner’s Guide to Replacement Window Styles

The material isn’t the only important aspect of your replacement windows. The window style can also greatly affect your home’s overall appearance, value and efficiency.
September 16, 2019

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Your windows say a lot about your home from the curb, and from the inside as well! Your windows also greatly affect your home’s temperature, comfort levels, and energy efficiency, especially in our erratic Washington climate. Choosing the right replacement window for your Tacoma, WA home means finding the perfect balance between aesthetics, function and your personal preferences.

But how do you go about choosing the right one? The first step is know what kinds of window styles are out there, and what each of them can offer you and your home. Below is a list of common and popular window styles. Read on to learn more about each one so you can make an educated choice when it comes to your windows.

  1. Single Hung - Single hung windows are very common. They have upper and lower sections that slide up and down to open the window. The sashes also tilt horizontally for an even bigger window opening for easy cleaning and more fresh air.
  2. Double Hung - Double hung windows are similar to single hung, except they have built in bottom and top sashes that make them amazingly easy to maintain and clean. Both single and double hung windows have a timeless appearance that looks great with many different home styles and designs.
  3. Sliding - Sliding windows open horizontally on lower or upper tracks. Generally more rectangular in shape, they are most commonly seen in basements, attics or kitchens. They do have large, uninterrupted glass panels that give great outdoor views.
  4. Picture - Picture window do not open, so they are not ideal for a room or space that needs ventilation. However, because they don’t have any moving mechanisms they offer completely uninterrupted outdoor views and clean, simple lines for your design.
  5. Casement - Casement windows are very energy efficient. They slide back and forth to open, but each time they close they press upon themselves to form an airtight and weatherproof seal. Casement windows are generally used for basements and more utilitarian spaces.
  6. Bay - Bay windows are extremely picturesque, and are an excellent choice for a traditionally styled home. Bay windows curve dramatically outward, creating a fishbowl effect on the outside of your home for 180-degree views of your garden or yard.
  7. Bow - Bow windows are just the opposite of bay windows. Instead of opening or curving outward, bow windows curve inward. They are generally less dramatic than bay windows, and can easily be customized or edited with grids, accents or thermal glass for the winters.
  8. Custom - If you don’t like any available window styles for your home, you can easily customize your own! Create a special shape like an octagon or diamond for a personalized look, or add extras like thick glass, storm protection, or even colored glass.

There are almost unlimited choices when it comes to window styles. Use the above list to get you started on your own window journey to find the best Tacoma, WA replacement windows for your home. Need more help? Just visit Puget Sound Window & Door at 445 E Main Ave Puyallup, WA 98372, or call us at (253) 904-8658.


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