Bay Replacement Window Ideas

Take inspiration from this list of bay window room ideas to make your home better, as bay replacement windows are great for adding space, style and light to your house.
August 24, 2020

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Bay windows are ideal for use as replacement windows in Tacoma, WA as they add style, interest, and space to a home. A bay window is a window with at least three panes of glass that angle away from the house, making an alcove that can create room for benches, storage, and plenty of cozy atmospheres. There are tons of ways that bay windows can make a home better.

Can you replace a bay window with a regular window?

Possibly. You would need to measure and order your new window just as you did the one that you took out, then install it in the same location with a contractor's caulking and sealer.

  • If it's the right dimension, yes. It still needs to be caulked and sealed enough to keep out water (or on the third floor story) rain droplets from outside that's leaking inside. The same is true with any outdoor window where water leaks in. Otherwise, it would require a leaded glass because the sealant leaks all over the place and painting won't work for exterior residential windows in most cases due to weathering factors.
  • You're better off replacing both windows if you don't want gaps between them, and newer homes should automatically have dual-pane windows which staff will likely need to replace with single pane ones since retrofitting an older home is tough due to space constraints there usually are.

If you’re thinking of adding a bay replacement window to your home, you might need some help coming up with ideas of how to use the added space. For example, you can try making a reading nook. A reading nook is the easiest way to use the space created by a bay window and can also work on rental properties. Just add a cushion to the alcove to make it into a cozy spot for reading. Rectangular cushions are best, and additional throw pillows are ideal for covering the uncomfortable or sharp corner edges. Reading nooks look great in children’s bedrooms or in hallways.

How do you modernize a bay window?

We all love the bay window, but it can be hard to find a replacement window that will fit into your existing opening. Your bay window can be modernized with a fresh coat of paint. Paint the recessed walls a shade or two darker than the bordering walls to provide depth and comfort. Paint the recessed walls a shade or two lighter than the bordering wall color if you want to lighten the space.

It's very common for homeowners to remodel their kitchens and bathrooms, but neglect their windows. Bay windows are an architectural feature of many homes built before 1960. When you upgrade your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, countertops and flooring we recommend updating the bay windows as well.

Our company specializes in custom made replacement double hung vinyl bay window inserts. The beauty of our product is that they're ready to install right out of the box with no additional framing required. All you have to do is remove the old wooden frame from your existing opening and slide ours into place! Our products come in three different styles; Classic (with one fixed side), Colonial (with two adjustable sides) and Customizable (any size available). This way you can match them perfectly with any style home on any budget. Call our team for more expert advice.

How to find a contractor for your bay window replacement?

If you're looking to hire either a reputable home improvement company or individual contractor, it's important to know what your needs may be. Do you want the security of working with an established company? Or maybe you don't mind working with a one-person operation that does window and door installation. Either way, it's best to do some research before handing over any money.

A few tips on how to research contractors:

  • Look up papers from building or construction companies published in the local paper as well as online local neighborhood forums- projects are usually advertised here when they are completed due to their good publicity value.
  • Opt for contractors who provide clear information about their services, warranties, available products and have been.
  • One way to find a contractor is by asking family and friends who they have worked with before. A lot of people will go with referrals when looking for contractors because it's better than just going in blind to a company that doesn't have any information about their work. It also means you can get an idea on pricing (since there will be more likely charges that are too high, too low, or just right).

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Window Replacement Ideas

Dealing with aging windows? Here are some window replacement ideas to consider. The first thing many homeowners forget is that there's a whole world of options beyond the standard double-hung or casement styles they're used to seeing in their neighborhood.

In this guide, we'll cover all your possible needs for exterior and interior design when it comes to replace old windows: from coming up with budgets, considering function as well as aesthetics, determining installation methods and materials (vinyl vs wood), sizing considerations depending on climate zone extremes like cold winters and high humidity summers - not just picking out frames!

  1. Consider a window that opens, closes, and tilts to suit your needs.

The window is the most versatile part of a house. It can serve as an escape for privacy, or it can be open to allow fresh air in during the summer months; and you don't have to worry about trying different ways because this nifty little invention from your local home improvement store will do all that work for you!

You love how versatility has been built into every aspect of life nowadays--and windows are no exception. These handy inventions let just enough sunlight through when they're closed at night so nobody needs special lighting anymore (or too much light), but leave plenty more room if needed by simply opening them up on those warm spring days where everything seems brighter anyway.

  1. Double-hung windows are a popular option in many homes because they can be opened from either the top or bottom sash.

Double-hung windows are a popular option in many homes because they can be opened from either the top or bottom sash. The design of these windows gives you greater control over airflow and ventilation, so they're perfect for humid climates like Florida that need to combat high levels of moisture with regular air conditioning usage.

Double hung window frames provide options on how open them depending on what type of weather conditions your home faces throughout each day; some days will require more heat while others may call for cooler breezes.

  1. Sliding windows are easy to open and close and fit nicely into narrow spaces.

Sliding windows are a great way to save space and energy. They can be fitted in narrow spaces, making them an excellent option for small apartments with limited square footage or homes without central air conditioning systems.

Sliding Windows are perfect for smaller rooms in which you may not have use of any other type of opening.

  1. Casement windows have an operable upper sash that swings out for ventilation.

Casement windows are a type of window that offer ventilation, typically through the use of an upper sash. They're best used in every-day spaces like kitchens and bathrooms where fresh air is necessary for people to live comfortably.

  1. Bay windows provide more light than other types of windows by extending outward from the house on two sides.

Bay Windows Provide More Light Than Other Types Of Windows

Bay windows provide more light than other types of windows by extending outward from the house on two sides. This allows for a much clearer view because you are looking out through less glass and not being blocked by any walls or ceilings inside your home.

What about a pet bed?

Many pets love looking out the windows at birds or passersby. Encourage this cute behavior by making the bay window a pet bed. Install a soft pet bed cushion in the window’s negative space. If space has storage, use is to store away pet toys and other accessories. Or maybe a home office? Look for a desk that would fit inside the window’s nook area to turn a bay window into a convenient and compact home office. This saves space and creates an office area with tons of natural light and great views of the outside.

replacement windows on your Redmond, WA

Let the curved shape of the bay window be the definition of a dining nook in your kitchen. Add a curved banquette or custom bench to the window, then finish off the look with a round table and matching chairs. You can also get tons of functions by adding storage and seating to a bay window. Whether you have a small home and need more storage or want to add more space for guests when entertaining, making a bay window into a storage bench is a great idea. The best way to do this is to hire a contractor to build the storage bench as the dimensions can be tough to work with. Don’t forget to add a cushion and some throw pillows to make the storage bench stylish as well as functional.

As bay windows bring in tons of natural light, they are ideal for window gardens. Whether in your kitchen or in another room of the house, put a drip tray down and then add pots and planters to the windowsill to grow your own herbs and spices, gorgeous greens that look modern and stylish, or pretty flowers that add color.

Please call or visit Puget Sound Window & Door to learn more about bay windows or Tacoma, WA replacement windows. Bay windows are a great choice for any home whether or not you use these ideas.


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