Looking for Stylish Shutters for Your Replacement Windows?

There are lots of replacement window treatments out there, like shutters. But are shutters still in style? Learn more about these timeless window treatments and how to use them.
June 21, 2021

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Shutters have been around for a long time. There are lots of treatment options available for the replacement windows on your Tacoma, WA home, but are plantation shutters still in style? You can dress your windows almost any way you want, form adding blinds to shutters. When it comes to shutters, many homeowners wonder if they’re still in style.

And they are. No matter what décor style your home has, there are so many different kinds of shutters that you’ll certainly be able to find some that work with your house.

Though many people think the opposite, plantation shutters are still one of the most versatile, stylish and functional window treatment options. They come in wide range of styles to cover some or all of your window. Shutters are also available in various frame styles and hundreds of colors, materials and finishes to give you the exact look you want. It important to remember that window shutters aren’t just about style.

Shutters give you complete control over how much or how little light enters the room, and how much privacy you have during the day and at night. They also give you control over light reduction, insulation, dust and allergen reduction, and ease of cleaning. With these benefits combined with their timeless, easily customized appearances, shutters are very much still in style.

But what about matching shutters to your home style?

Shutters can work with almost any kind of home, from traditional to contemporary, depending on how many shutter panels you choose to have in each window as well as the slat size, material, color, and tilt rod option you choose. For example, if your home is contemporary or modern you can use shutters with fewer panels per window and larger slats and these features make the shutters look cleaner and more modern. You can also use a hidden tilt rod for an even more modern appearance.

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On the other hand, if your home is more traditional, like farmhouse or colonial, you can use narrow shutter panels with small slats and a central tilt rod for a traditional feel that will match your home. You can also go with a more natural or dark wood stain. You should also use color to make your shutters suit your style. Dark shutters with large slats and minimal panels offer a minimalistic look that will go great with a modern home, but lightly colored shutters in bright whites or creams are more traditional or farmhouse in style.

Want to be even more unique? Have fun with your shutter color! This way, you will make sure they’re stylish for you, which is the most important thing. Paint your shutters a vibrant red, green or blue for a bright pop, or choose a deep, satisfying wood stain that makes you happy.

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