Milgard Window's 'Help Me Choose'

October 17, 2012

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Milgard is the leading window and door manufacturer. When needing to purchase such products for either new construction or replacement, Milgard is an obvious choice. However, with such a selection, how can you know which product to choose? Milgard is helping to answer that question with the “Help Me Choose” recommendation tool on their website:

In just six easy steps, Milgard can suggest what product is best for you:

Step 1:  you select what product you need, windows, doors, or both.

Step 2: you describe your project: either “new construction” or “replacement or remodel”. If you choose replacement, then you have the option to pick the type of material to match the existing one in your home.

Step 3: you simply choose the location of your home in the U.S.: California/Hawaii, Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Southwest, or Midwest/East.

Step 4: you then select whether or not architectural style matters to you. Architectural style options range from Cape Cod, Colonial, Craftsman/Bungalow, Modern, Prairie Style, Ranch/Split-Level, Spanish/Mediterranean, Tudor, to Victorian/Queen Anne.

Step 5: then you rank the window or door options in importance, based on the material selection in step two, from 1 to 5 (or 6 depending on your selection). You are able to rank Flexible Color Options, Low Maintenance, Maximum View/Minimum Frame, Sound Control Windows, Ease of Use, and Warmth of Natural Wood.

Step 6: you rank the ownership considerations of your product in order of importance from 1 to 6. Considerations include Low Initial Cost, Energy Efficiency, Greater Durability, Increase Resale, Warranty Includes Glass Breakage, and Fabric Protection.

Based on your selections Milgard then tells you your best match, making your window and door selection quick and painless.

For your local Puget Sound Milgard distributer, contact Puget Sound Window & Door and request your match for your home. Call at 253-987-7716.


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