Motorized Blinds For Your Replacement Windows

Versatile and convenient, motorized blinds are a great choice for almost all replacement windows. Use this guide as a starting point for your motorized blind journey.
July 15, 2019

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If you’re investing in your home and future with replacement windows in Redmond, WA, why not go all the way and finish them with motorized blinds? These advanced blinds are often not only motorized, but are also compatible with other home automation systems to make it easy for you to automate your blinds to work in conjunction with your lights, music, and heating and cooling system.

While they may seem like an added expense that you can do without, motorized blinds and shades offer a wide range of benefits that can help make your home more safe, comfortable and stylish. Motorized shades offer benefits including the following:

  1. Increased Privacy and Energy Efficiency – You can easily program motorized shades to go down during the afternoons when you’re not home to reduce solar heat gain and take some of the pressure off of your air conditioner. You can also program them to go down at night to keep your privacy intact without a second thought.
  2. Security – A prospective burglar or intruder would be deterred if he sees window treatments moving throughout the day, as it would make it seem like someone is as home.
  3. Appearance – Motorized shades don’t have any need for unsightly cords or pulleys, giving your window treatments a more streamlined, clean appearance.
  4. Variety – The popularity of motorized shades means that they are available in an almost unlimited number of colors and fabrics. There’s a motorized shade for every home.
  5. Different Shapes – There is also a motorized shade for every window, as they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can also be customized to fit any window.
  6. Peaceful Motors – Modern technology makes the motors whisper quiet, making the windows almost noise-free. This same technology also allows for precision, making it easy for you to partially open or close the shade.
  7. Power Options – You can choose to have the motors be powered by AC and batteries alike, making it easy for you to put motorized shades anywhere in your home.
  8. Alternative Uses – Motorized shades aren’t just for windows. You can hang them as room dividers, or to cover a home theater movie screen when not in use.
  9. Safety – Without cords and pulleys, there’s nothing for kids and pets to get tangled up in. Choose motorized shades for increased safety.
  10. Creativity – You can easily combine different kinds of shades and blinds for a unique look that’s specific to your home and style. You can mix and match sheers and drapes, or pair Roman shades with blackout curtains.

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