Painting Vinyl Windows

If your old vinyl windows are looking tired or aren’t working as well as they used to, should you paint them for a touch up or invest in new replacement windows?
January 6, 2020

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Windows get old, even tough, weather resistant vinyl ones. What do you do when your vinyl windows start to look a little tired around the edges? Should you try to paint them, or should you just invest in replacement windows for your Kirkland, WA home?

You technically can paint vinyl windows, but there is actually a lot of disagreement on this topic, especially when it comes to cost and investment. The main problem with painting vinyl windows is that paint does not stick to vinyl very well. This means that you could do a great job painting, but then a few days later your windows can end up looking worse because the pain is flaking off. Color is also a factor when it comes to painting vinyl windows. Darker colored paint can attract and absorb more solar heat, which can add heat stress to your window frames and make them less energy efficient, or even make them warp.

You also need to be careful painting vinyl replacement windows as this can affect your warranty. Under most warranty plans, altering the window in any way makes the warranty null and void. If you void your warranty, the window manufacturer won’t fix your windows if they break or malfunction. There are some window manufacturers that let you paint vinyl windows, but they usually only accept certain colors.

Rather than trying to paint your old vinyl windows in Seattle, WA, it might be better to invest in new replacement windows. New windows will look a lot better than painted old ones. Replacement windows can also offer other benefits such as:

  • Easy Maintenance - One of the best things about most replacement windows is their almost nonexistent maintenance requirements. Some are built with integrated colors in the sashes and frames, and therefore never need to be repainted or refinished, and some frames are also built to stand the test of time, resisting rust, stains, and warping.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Modern replacement windows are made from great materials that are tough insulators. They will keep the hot or cold outside air from affecting your conditioned air inside your home. This effective insulation not only keeps your home heated or cooled to your desired comfort level, but also lowers your energy use to stay green and keep your bills down.
  • Better Home Value—Replacement windows stay strong and visually appealing for many years. They are great investments that can increase your home’s value. Potential buyers, and appraisers, look for the types of benefits that replacement windows provide, making them a great option if you might sell down the road.

If you’re saving up for replacement windows, painting vinyl ones can be a good option to tide you over. However, investing in Kirkland, WA replacement windows is always better in the long run. Want to learn more about replacement windows in Kirkland WA? Reach out to Puget Sound Window & Door by paying us a visit at 445 E Main Ave Puyallup, WA 98372 or giving us a call at (253) 904-8658.


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