Trendy Replacement Windows

You’re spending a lot of money on your replacement windows, so why not make them stylish and on-trend? Use this list of 2018 window trends for inspiration for your home.
November 12, 2018

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Trendy Replacement Windows

There’s a reason why trends are trendy – they look great. Why not make your replacement widows for your Federal Way, WA home look great with 2018 window trends?  

Use this list of 2018 window trends as inspiration for your replacement windows.  

  1. Black: Black says clean and contemporary like nothing else. Black on black is becoming even more popular than black and white in both interior and exterior windows. You can keep the black trend dramatic by paring your windows with more dark trims or treatments, or soften the look a bit with a white or natural trim and treatment. Use the color in unexpected ways to make your replacement windows pop.  
  2. High-end Woods: While vinyl windows are always a good choice, 2018 is showing high end woods all the way. Wood windows are traditionally pine, but the modern desire more a clean appearance is driving up demand for more high-end woods like white oak and mahogany. These species have more subtle grains and fine-furniture feels for a crisp appearance.
  3. Clean lines: Squared-off edges and clean lines are coming to the forefront in 2018. These desire for simplicity is even driving consumers to choose steel or aluminum frames. Top designers are also noting more use of direct-set or fixed windows as well, since these designs are minimalist and simple.  
  4. Pass-Through: Connect the outdoors and inside even more with a pass through. Pass-throughs can replace a sliding door, awning or even folding door and are convenient from the kitchen to a deck or patio for hosting.
  5. Squares Before Arches: While geometric or other original window shapes remain popular, most homeowners are leaning towards sharper shapes rather than arches or circles. Curved or arched windows may appear out of date after 2018, so if you want replacement windows in an interesting shape, go with clean edges.  
  6. Lots of Glass: Bringing the outdoors inside is a major 2018 design trend, and an easy way to accomplish this look is by having bigger, more expansive windows. Full glass walls, lift-and-slide doors, and larger windows give homeowners benefits from dramatic views to increased daylight and beyond. Thanks to modern technology, bigger windows that were once a luxury are now more accessible and cost effective.  
  7. Energy efficiency: Energy-efficient windows are so popular now it’s hard to even consider them a trend, but rather a massive shift in window buying that isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, ENERGY STAR® certification has become an expectation and a requirement for many consumers. Make your replacement windows functional and fashionable with premium energy efficiency properties.  

It’s easy to have on-trend, stylish and functional windows for your home when you trust Puget Sound Window & Door. Located at 445 E Main Ave Puyallup, WA 98372, Puget Sound Window & Door offers a range of Federal Way, WA replacement window services with plenty of industry experience. Give us a call today at (253) 904-8658 to learn more about what we can do for you and your home, or what’s on-trend in 2018 for windows and more.  


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