What Happens When Replacement Window Glass Breaks?

Window glass breaks sometimes, even when you just invested in new replacement windows for your Tacoma, WA home. What are you supposed to do when window glass breaks? 
January 13, 2020

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There is always a risk for window glass to break, no matter if you just got brand new replacement windows for your Tacoma, WA home, or you’ve been enjoying new energy efficient windows for a while. Whether the glass breaks in a storm, attempted break in, or just an accident, you now have to deal with replacing the glass on your window.

What are you supposed to do when your window glass breaks? You have a few different options for replacing the windowpane depending on how the glass broke, how much its broken, and a few other factors. The first step should always be to contact the manufacturer if something goes wrong with your new windows. They might still be under warranty, or the manufacturer can make sure you get the right replacement pane.

You can try and replace the broken windowpane yourself if you’re looking to save on repair or replacement costs. However, DIYing replacement windowpanes can be tricky as you don’t want to hurt yourself or damage the window frame. It can also be hard to replace a windowpane with special glass, as you need to order specialty glass from a manufacturer.

If the pane is cracked, a professional window company can simply remove the cracked pane and replace it with a new one. It’s always best to replace a broken windowpane with the same kind of glass as before. You can also replace a broken pane with insulated glass units, or IGU. When an IGU breaks, or when you want to install one, the window company just pops out the old IGU and seals a new one in its place. You can also add caulking or weather-stripping to block drafts for even better energy efficiency.

There are some instances in which you will need to replace the entire window and not just the glass. It is time to invest in a new replacement window if you have wood windows that are beginning to rot. Rot can often lead to a broken windowpane, as decay will almost always end up compromising the entire window. If you have rot, you are better off saving yourself the stress by replacing the window right away.

You will also need to replace the entire window if the window seal is broken, you need to replace the window. Defogging a window with a broken seal can fix the issue in the short term, but only a new window will be a long-term solution. You will also need to replace the whole window if the muntins or munions, the dividers in a window, are broken, or if the glass on your window breaks and the window is 15 years old or older, as it might be better to just invest in new windows rather than spending money to repair the old one. The same is true if you have low quality windows.

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